Virtual Support for New and Expecting Parents During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Virtual Support for New and Expecting Parents During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mar 19 , 2020


Eliza Gerland

*As the COVID-19 pandemic is an ever-changing situation, we will update this blog post as new information is made available.

Social Distancing, while necessary, has created a lot of challenges for parents. From preparing for labor to navigating working from home with the kids out of school, it’s easy to feel isolated, alone, and lost. Some brilliant women and parent-focused companies have quickly switched gears to offer their classes and services virtually. Here’s a list of companies redefining community and healthcare by providing virtual support for new and expecting moms.

Pregnancy, Labor/Delivery, Breastfeeding & Postpartum Support

Lauren Archer is a postpartum doula and Instagram educator (@loveofalittleone) based in Los Angeles. She is also a Lilu Mom and one of the kindest, most compassionate women we’ve ever met. She’s now offering postpartum support via virtual consults. Get a 30-min session for $20. You can schedule an appointment here.

Boober provides on-demand lactation, labor, and postpartum support. During this time when in-person visits aren’t a viable option, they’re offering all of these services virtually. Visit their website, select the support you need and boober will partner you with an experienced health professional. Click here to get started.

If you’re pregnant and are now unable to attend classes to prepare for labor, delivery and postpartum - fear not. BirthdayPresence offers online classes for new and expecting parents. Find their complete list of classes here.

Tinyhood is now offering its Breastfeeding Beginnings class free. For moms who want to learn what to expect at every milestone of their breastfeeding journey, this class covers everything from the first few hours after delivery to four weeks and beyond. Start learning here.

Fitness & Physical Therapy for New & Expecting Moms

Fit Pregnancy Club (fpc), an exercise studio loved by celebrity mamas in NYC, has moved all classes online. Strengthen your pelvic floor and bond with other moms through exercises taught virtually. Sign up for classes here.

Bebé PT is a wellness center providing specialized physical therapy services to women during and after their pregnancies. In the last week, they worked to make all of their services virtual in order to continue serving moms. If you’re in need of PT while social distancing, you can learn more about their services here

Mental Health, Anxiety & PPD

In times of uncertainty, misinformation and heightened anxiety, some families need a little more help than usual. Boober can now match you to a mental health therapist either in-person or remotely to help you navigate these trouble times. Get virtual support here.

Activities for you and the family

Worldwide Buddies, in conjunction with their Kickstarter campaign, is releasing daily activities for kids and the family to help pass the time and keep minds engaged while learning about diversity and culture. Sign up for the daily activity notification here

If you enjoy the kits, make a contribution to their Kickstarter campaign and receive The Book of Cultures: 30 stories to discover the world.

Union Square Play, a NYC based play place, has moved all their classes online. Every day they’re offering one live virtual class for toddlers, one offline activity for children, and one online event for parents. Check their schedule here.

You might know him as The Baby Guy, but before @thejamiegrayson was helping parents make decisions on the best baby products he was belting it out on Broadway. To help parents and children in this time of need, Jamie has brought his broadway friends together to put on Broadway Babies Happy Hour. It’s a virtual musical show to entertain and educate children while giving parents an hour where you don’t have to be the main source of entertainment.  All sessions are held via Facebook Live on Jamie’s page. To check the Broadway Babies Happy Hour schedule click here.

Upparent a website where parents share recommendations with one another for local family events and activities, things to do with kids at home, kid-friendly recipes, books (you can search by age), gift and product recommendations for families, and other parenting tips and hacks. 


We’re in awe of these companies for working around the clock to make sure you’re still supported during this difficult time. If you know of any other companies offering virtual help to parents, comment below.

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