get more milk, hands-free.



the first pumping bra of its kind

The Lilu Massage Bra uses automated compression massage to give you the benefits of breast massage, without using your hands.

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more milk

By mimicking motions recommended by lactation experts, the Lilu Massage Bra helps you stimulate milk production.


Whether you need to relax or respond to emails, the Lilu Massage Bra gives you more freedom while pumping.

Save time

You could spend over 500 hours pumping in the first year. The Lilu Massage Bra makes pumping sessions more efficient.

How it works

By mimicking the hand motions recommended by lactation experts, our bra gives your hands some much needed rest while still receiving the benefits of breast compression. Wear it alone or clip it onto your nursing bra.

what's inside

Custom-engineered massage cushions inside the bra compress your breast to stimulate milk glands and help you achieve let down. Adjust the compression level to your comfort using the wireless, re-chargable remote.

"When I use the bra it helps me get a letdown quicker. I couldn't be more in love with this pretty little pumping companion."

– @completely.maginlee

"It helped me pump way more milk than I was able to before. It saves me time, energy and most importantly it allows me to store more milk."

– @dionnachambers