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Save time

Moms spend over 500 hours pumping in the first year. The Lilu Massage Bra helps you make pumping more efficient.


Whether you need to relax or respond to emails, the Lilu Massage Bra gives you more freedom while pumping.

more milk

Moms see an average increase of 30% more milk when using the Lilu Massage Bra while pumping.*

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How it works

By mimicking the hand motions recommended by lactation experts, our bra gives your hands some much needed rest while still receiving the benefits of breast compression. Wear it alone or clip it onto your nursing bra.

what's inside

Custom-engineered massage cushions inside the bra compress your breast to stimulate milk glands and help you achieve let down. Adjust the compression level to your comfort using the wireless, re-chargable remote.

what moms are saying

“Love the bra, feeling like I’m getting all areas like the underside. I just love the concept and what you guys are doing... It’s a gentle, lovelier experience.”

– Jennie, @MoMommies

"The massage was so nice to have... it was much more comfortable than I thought it would be."

– Kristine G.


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