As nursing moms return to work at their offices this summer, they no longer have to choose between their careers and continuing to breastfeed.

Pumping and multitasking are made easier, smarter and faster with Lilu. It's hands-on pumping, hands-free.

Nursing moms going back to work can multitask with Lilu a hands on pumping bra without hands that allows them to multitask


In fact, motherhood can be stressful, exhausting, painful, and confusing.
That’s why at Lilu we are building smart products especially designed to make mom's lives easier.

That’s why at Lilu we are building smart products especially designed to make mom's lives easier. We created the Lilu Massage Bra to help moms continue to provide milk for their babies, even when leading busy, multifaceted lives. Being away from their baby and having to pump is hard enough. The Lilu Bra helps makes pumping easier and more efficient, so that moms can continue their breastfeeding relationship for as long as they want to. The first version sold out amidst the pandemic and the incredible challenges facing new moms, and Lilu is announcing the launch of the new generation of their product line.


It’s common for a new mom to spend 1-2 hours per day pumping, or upwards of 5 hours for moms who exclusively pump.

The Lilu Massage Bra is the first hands-free pumping bra with automated breast massage that allows moms to empty their breast more fully in less time when pumping. So moms can pump more milk, in less time. It's a pumping game-changer.

By mimicking the hand motions recommended by lactation experts, the Lilu Massage Bra gives moms all the benefits of breast massage and hands-on pumping, completely hands-free. So moms can actually multitask and do more while pumping.

As an FDA Class I medical device, the Lilu Bra gives moms the option to go hands-free while pumping or just relax, as the soothing compression help moms experience up to a 50% increase in their milk output.

Tested with hundreds of moms during thousands of pumping sessions, the Lilu Bra is comfortable, adjustable, and compatible with most popular breast pumps on the market.

Great for over and undersupply

"I had an oversupply problem the first month. My ducts would clog and it was super painful. Thankfully, I’d strap on the Lilu bra and my ducts would clear in about 15-20 minutes!! Then, I overcorrected and now I have an undersupply problem..... and again, the Lilu bra has been life saving, especially as I want to keep my supply going to give my daughter covid antibodies. 100% recommend"

- Adriana W., Lilu Mom

Fantastic Product

"Breastfeeding and pumping are like a whole part time job, and I am glad for this type of product that lets me just sit there hands-free, and multitask while pumping breastmilk. I also appreciate how they have created a product that allows getting massage cushions that mimic motions recommended by lactation consultants. When I say I wish I found this product before is because when my baby was born, I spent a lot of time and got tired massaging myself as my lactation consultant suggested to produce more milk and I am glad this company was able to use technology to create something that solves this challenge..."

- Gabriela Z., Lilu Mom

A Life Saver

"I gave birth to a preemie at 30w5d. Building supply was of utmost importance. I needed something that would help massage as I pumped, since ergonomically the massaging began to take a toll on my hands (it would also free up my hands to work). The lilu bra was the only thing I saw that fit what I needed. The milk production increase was noticeable from day 1, and it is an indispensable part of every pump. I've been using it for over a year!"

- KT, Lilu Mom


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The Lilu Bra was specifically designed with working and busy moms in mind. It incorporates gentle massage technology to make pumping truly hands-free and let moms take control of their pumping, so that they can continue to provide for their babies, even when they have to be away from them.

Up to 50% more milk per session

More let downs in less time

Get more down while pumping; work, eat, rest, or play with baby

Improved ergonomics and posture while pumping

Improve and maintain milk supply