Lilu creates products that empower moms during their transition to new parenthood. We started with breastfeeding and pumping because it's one of the hardest things you'll ever do, and we want to make it a bit easier!

Our technology is designed by women and backed by science, so that postnatal care is comfortable and compatible with all of life’s successes.



Lilu was founded by two MIT and Penn engineers who recognized that new moms have been vastly ignored by technology, especially when it comes to breast pumping.

The CDC, UNICEF and World Health Organization recommend that moms feed their babies breast milk exclusively for the first six months of life. Yet for the modern mom, this typically means having to pump. However breast pumping is exhausting, time-consuming, and stressful. Seriously. Just type "breast pumping is " into a search bar and look at the predictions.

Breast pumps aren't as efficient as a baby nursing, so 2/3 of moms rely on breast massage while pumping to produce enough milk to feed their babies. In fact, research from Stanford shows that performing massage while breastfeeding can result in 50% more milk per session. But massage makes pumping even more exhausting and time-consuming.

We decided to build a product to make breast pumping more efficient and help more moms reach their breastfeeding goals.


Adriana Vazquez CEO of Lilu

Adriana C. Vázquez

Co-CEO & Co-founder

Adriana graduated from MIT where she received a B.S. in Mathematics with Computer Science. She later pursued a Masters in Integrated Product Design at the University of Pennsylvania where she had the idea for Lilu.

She enjoys running, attempting to snowboard, has been a pescatarian for over a decade, kind of speaks four languages and prefers carrot cake over chocolate cake.

Sujay Suresh Kumar CTO of Lilu

Sujay Suresh Kumar

Co-CEO & Co-founder

Sujay received his degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Osmania University in India. He completed a MEng in EE at UPenn. Prior to Lilu, he co-founded Jyothi to secure better rights and safety for women in India.

When not playing with electronics and building new things, he loves to sketch.

Jordan Fink

Social Media

"Those who tell the stories rule the world."

With over 12 years of experience, Jordan has excelled in the ever-changing digital space of online media, brand marketing, social media strategy and community building.

Julia Beck


Storyteller, innovator and conduit.

Founder of the It's Working Project - thought leadership with focus on strategies, trends and partnerships designed with the goal of elevating the conversation and care around working parents.

Menka Patel

Business Development

Seasoned Business Development & Operations leader who is passionate about developing a Brands’ ecosystem, from start to finish. She's worked at Kate Spade, Liz Claiborn and Bank of America.

She lives in Hong Kong with her two daughters and husband. She exclusively pumped and tracked on a spreadsheet at some point how much of a different the Lilu Massage Bra made for her!

Li-An De Los Reyes


Li-an is a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist and entrepreneur, who passionately shares her knowledge with mothers and mothers-to-be with the mission to raise healthy and happy generations.

She's founder of Milksta and had a killer pitch at Dragon's Den!


Marketing Strategist

An innovative, creative, and accomplished international marketing strategist, public relations and project management professional with a passion for providing exceptional client service. After 10 years of working in Washington DC and New York, Jules left the hustle and bustle of the East Coast, USA to return to her roots in Cape Town, South Africa.


Angie Kim

Product Designer

Angie Kim is a Soft Goods & Industrial Design Consultant specializing in tech enabled wearables. She believes as products are becoming more connected and synced into our daily lives, it is instrumental for the materials that embody this advanced technology to feel approachable, familiar, real, and beautiful.

Dr. Diane Spatz


Dr. Diane Spatz is a Professor of Perinatal Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. She's the director of the lactation program at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and the clinical coordinator of the CHOP Mothers’ Milk Bank. She holds a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Association of Neonatal Nurses.

Kara Forney

Founder of The Bump

Kara Forney earned her MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. She lead Del Webb's national rebranding initiatives.

She launched The Bump Media Inc. and TheBump.com, offering local on- and offline resources for expectant and new mothers. The company expanded nationwide and was acquired by The Knot Inc.

Bianca Cabán

Managing Director at SheWorx

Bianca Cabán is an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. As Managing Director of SheWorx, oversees a global community of 20k+ female founders and events. She’s also a Founding Board Member of a financial accelerator for Latina-owned businesses called AccessLatina. Bianca earned a B.A. from Harvard and a MBA from Columbia University.


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