Lilu Massage Bra


The Lilu Massage Bra
The Lilu Massage Bra Lilu Massage Bra front view 1 Lilu Massage Bra side view Lilu Massage Bra clips onto your nursing bra Lilu Massage Cushions, Controller, & Hands-free Bra Lilu Massage Bra Size Chart


The first pumping bra that gives you the benefits of breast massage without using your hands. Think of it as your pump's new sidekick.


    Massage Cushions mimic massage motions recommended by lactation experts.
    Rechargeable Controller turns the massage on/off and adjusts massage levels. Lasts for 2 hours of pumping.
    Hands-free bra with Pockets holds the massage cushions in place and provides bottle support. Wear it alone or clip it onto your nursing bra.
    USB Charging Cable plugs into the Controller to recharge. Pro tip: you can even charge the controller while pumping.
    BONUS: Carry Pouch holds the Lilu Massage Bra and all its pieces so you can discreetly bring them with you anywhere.


      • Research from Stanford shows breast massage increases milk output & helps maintain milk supply in the long run.
      • On average, moms who pumped with the Lilu Massage Bra saw 30% more milk per session.*
      • Helps to empty the breast with reduces the risk of clogged ducts.
      • Compatible with most suction breast pumps reimbursed by insurance.

        *Compared to pumping without the use of massage or compression.