How modern technology can support a healthy pregnancy

How modern technology can support a healthy pregnancy

Apr 12 , 2018


Lilu Inc

By: Mallory Franklin, PhD, RDN, LD

It’s a great time to have a child! Compared to when your mom was pregnant, there are more resources available to you, helping you have a healthy, safe, and enjoyable experience. The best part is that everything you need for a healthy pregnancy is right on your phone. There are thousands of apps created to assist women during pregnancy. So many in fact, that it can be overwhelming to choose which apps are right for you. Have no fear, we have gathered five of the leading pregnancy related apps that together will cover all aspects of what makes a healthy pregnancy!


Many women are interested in developing healthier eating habits once they become pregnant to ensure they are providing their growing child with what it needs. Yet oftentimes, women don’t know where to turn for trustworthy advice and guidance regarding what to eat during pregnancy. Nutrimedy is an app for your phone or computer that connects you to a Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (aka a nutrition expert). With Nutrimedy’s nuExpecting program maternity nutrition has never been easier. Nutrimedy allows you to get personalized answers to your everyday nutrition concerns and questions. This revolutionary service allows you to video chat with your own nutrition expert as well as instant message, share meals, log weight gain, and keep track of other health parameters. All from the comfort of your home or office.

Positive Pregnancy

Stress is a common concern for many moms-to-be. Balancing work, dealing with changes happening in their bodies, and preparing for the arrival of their child can be a stressful situation for many pregnant women. Stress can manifest in negative ways in your body, putting yourself and your baby at risk. Positive Pregnancy is an app that guides moms-to-be through meditation, helping them relax, wherever and whenever is most convenient for them. Simply find a quiet spot and start managing your stress for a positive pregnancy.

Baby Pics

Remember all the hours your mom spent scrapbooking album after album of you as a baby. In this digital age, it’s easier than ever to capture photos of life events and memorable moments. With Baby Pics you have the convenience of modern photo storage with the thrill of old fashioned scrapbooking. This app helps moms capture their growing baby bump and then their growing baby. Use the tools within the app to add symbols, words, or doodles to the images you take, making scrapbooking easy. This makes even the least artistic look like a pro. Send them to friends and loved ones, they will thank you for them.


During pregnancy, moms-to-be are often concerned about the safety of certain medications they normally take. Your doctor is an extremely helpful resource for deciding what meds are safe and which are not. However, it never hurts to have more reassurance. With MommyMeds, moms are able to scan the barcode of more than 20,000 medications and learn quickly how safe or unsafe they are to take during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Moms everywhere are put at ease with information about medications right in the palm of their hand, literally.

Oh Baby! Pregnancy Exercise

We all know that to be healthy we should exercise more. When you become pregnant, this concept still applies. But many women are unsure about what exercises are considered safe for their baby and what exercises work with your new physique. Oh Baby! Pregnancy Exercise has workouts designed for each week of your pregnancy. This app utilizes a combination of yoga, pilates and strength training movements that can be done anywhere. With Oh Baby! Pregnancy Exercise you can get toned and prepare your body for delivery with effective but low impact workouts that are safe for you and baby.

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Lilu Massage Bra with flanges

Lilu Massage Bra

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