The Power of Kegel Exercises Postpartum

The Power of Kegel Exercises Postpartum

Jun 10 , 2022


Team Lilu

Kegel exercises are often recommended to moms to strengthen their pelvic floor both before and after childbirth. Though they are known to be beneficial for moms who have had a vaginal delivery, these simple exercises can help moms irrespective of the particulars of their deliveries. 

We've partnered with Kegelbell to bring you this blog post full of helpful advice about kegels and how using a product like Kegelbell can help you more easily incorporate kegel exercises into your daily routine, achieve results faster and maintain your pelvic floor in tip top shape, so you can feel more like yourself postpartum.

Kegelbell - incorporate kegel exercises into your routine more easily

Entering a new stage of your life can be filled with anxiety and a lot of unknowns, especially becoming a mom. Postpartum life brings you into uncharted territory and each day is a learning curve. Your clothes don’t fit the same, you’re experiencing your body in a new way and you’re ensuring your little one is getting everything they need. What is worrisome is that over 40% of women say they are anxious about laxity postpartum and many women think it is normal to leak a little urine for the rest of their lives after giving birth.

With Kegelbell, you can start supporting yourself and your body’s changes so that you show up in life feeling 100% fantastic. Of course, you’ll want to consult your doctor to be cleared for exercise again and wait at least 6 weeks before incorporating Kegelbell into your routine. From there, you can begin your kegel exercises with Kegelbell. Kegelbell was designed to save busy women time, reducing our doctor prescribed kegel exercise from three times every day for life, to just 3 times a week for 5 minutes! And the best part is you can do Kegelbell while doing everyday tasks.

~ Switch up your shower routine by adding in Kegelbell before, during, or after your shower (hint: if you use a hair masque or conditioner it is a great time to use Kegelbell)

~ Apply your makeup or your skincare routine while feeling the squeeze with Kegelbell

~ Take a 5 minute break while the baby is napping and do a face mask you’ve been dying to try while kegeling with Kegelbell at the same time! 

~ Amp up sexy time with your partner and get them on board with your pelvic floor routine! Have them help–it is very exciting for your partner– and since using Kegelbell is pleasurable it is a great warm up for your body to prepare for intimacy.

You’ll be washing your hair or working through your skincare routine while also improving the strength of your pelvic floor! What a winning combination! 

But you don’t need Kegelbell to do kegel exercise, Kegelbell is a kegel adjunct device that helps isolate the correct muscles, it makes sure you do perfect kegel form, and exercise for much less time because you add weight, and see results faster due to the power of adding weight. But if you properly kegel at least three times a day then you will be helping your body. 

Kegelbell for postpartum kegel exercises that you can easily incorporate into your routine

What We Recommend if You’re New to Kegel Exercises and Want to Start Now Experiencing Kegels without Kegelbell

  1. Identify the pelvic floor muscles. When you stop the flow of pee midstream, that muscle sensation is your pelvic floor muscles engaging. [Don’t stop your pee as kegel exercise, just do it once to identify the correct muscles. Be sure that you’re not contracting other muscles like the abs, glutes, or quads. For someone whose muscles may have atrophied slightly, it may be hard to target your pelvic floor muscles right away.
  2. Evaluate your current strength. Insert a finger into the vagina and then make a contraction around it. Rate your squeeze level from 1–5. This will give you a baseline to work from as you start to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.
  3. Set a reminder and stick to your kegel exercises routine. Complete the following two set of exercises two or three times a day:
    • 20–50 kegels holding each for the established endurance period with 10-second rests
    • 20-50 kegels holding for 1-second flickers of contraction with 1-second rests
    • Be patient! It can take up to 12 weeks to build new muscle fibers and strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Patience can be hard in a busy world. Be kind to yourself.

Want to learn more advanced tips for kegel exercises postpartum? Download our Kegel Guide.

Kegelbell for postpartum pelvic floor health

If you’re planning to get pregnant or are postpartum and don’t have the time to kegel three times a day or want to get results faster then it’s time to explore vaginal weight lifting with Kegelbell. We’ve incorporated external weights to accelerate the pelvic floor muscle building process. Not only do our customers see reduced or eliminated leakage, but they also see improved laxity, increased natural lubrication, more intense orgasms, and much more! Learn more about how you can take your kegel routine to the next level with Kegelbell.

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