Breast pumping equipment should work for moms, not the other way around

Breast pumping equipment should work for moms, not the other way around


Have you ever found yourself, hooked up to your breast pump, partly hating it, partly grateful for it… and wondering, what you could do to make it be a less uncomfortable experience? Or less time consuming and more efficient? You’re not alone!

As we investigated further into why breast pumps are so miserable, we came across studies published by Stanford researchers which demonstrated the benefits of combining breast compression with suction pumping.

The combination of hand compression and suction was found to

  • yield higher milk output per session,
  • increase milk supply over time
  • produce more nutrient rich breast milk

All these benefits in turn could mean less time pumping. And it makes a lot of sense, considering how babies use both suction and compression to empty their mothers’ breasts (using their jaws, tongues, and even their little arms and legs!) But here’s the problem: breast pumps only provide the suction and moms are expected to do all the compression to make the pumps actually work. Doing hand compression while pumping is great for you, but it’s so tedious and exhausting!

There are many things that steal away your hands as a mother but a breast pump shouldn’t be one of them.

That’s why we are developing Lilu: a hands-free pumping bra that fully automates breast compression, that will free up your hands so you can be productive or simply relax while pumping. We designed a product that mimics the hand motions that lactation experts recommend to make pumping more efficient. In addition to getting the benefits of breast compression while pumping, which include increased output per session, increased milk supply over time, as well as more nutrient dense milk, you'll get your hands back so that you can recapture the many hours you spend pumping at work, home and literally everywhere else in between.

Breast pumping equipment should work for you, not the other way around! That’s why we are so excited to develop this automatic compression pumping bra and get it to all the moms out there who really need it.

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