Lilu Massage Bra Gen 2 - Influencers & Partners

Lilu Massage Bra Gen 2 - Influencers & Partners

Pump more milk, hands-free.

The Lilu Massage Bra provides hands-free breast massage while you pump.

Mimicking the movements recommended by lactation experts, it's designed to help you pump more milk hands-free, while still enjoying the benefits of breast massage.

The Benefits:

  • Pump more milk, faster than you would with a typical hands-free bra
  • Make pumping sessions more productive by freeing your hands
  • Reduce the risk of clogged ducts which can lead to mastitis
  • Helps bring "hind milk" out each time you pump

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    Free Shipping
    Free Shipping
    Free Returns
    Free Returns
    FSA Eligible
    FSA Eligible

    The Lilu Massage Bra is easy to wear and to adjust for a great fit.

    You can put on the bra in 4 easy steps and start pumping.

    Step 1: Put on the bra and fasten it in the back

    Step 2: Adjust the straps so the bra fits snugly

    Step 3: Insert flanges through the holes in the front

    Step 4: Push the power button for 1 sec & release to turn on


    Massage Cushions

    Perfectly mimics massage motions recommended by lactation experts.

    USB Charging Cable

    Plugs into the controller to recharge; you can even charge the controller while pumping!

    Rechargeable Controller

    Turns the massage on/off and adjusts massage levels; lasts for 2 hours of pumping.

    Hands-Free Bra

    Complete bottle support; wear it alone or clip it onto your nursing bra.

    Carry Pouch

    So you can bring the Lilu Massage Bra with you anywhere.

    One Free Virtual Class

    With a Lactation Consultant and one month free 24/7 support with the Mahmee™ Team.

    Click on a section below to find frequently asked questions about the Lilu Massage Bra.

    Or if you prefer you can schedule a quick phone or video call with us here!

    Pump Compatibility

    The Lilu Massage Bra is compatible with most electric pumps, with standard milk bottles. E.g.

    Spectra: All models, including S1 and S2™
    Medela: All models, including Pump in Style, Freestyle, Swing, Sonata™
    Lansinoh™, Ameda™, Avent™, Motif Luna™, Hygeia™, Baby Buddha™
    Unfortunately, the Lilu Massage Bra is not yet compatible with these brands: Willow™, Elvie™, Freemie™ or Pumpin Pal™ Flanges.
    If you're not sure and your pump is not listed here please email us at 

    Is the Bra Washable? 

    The bra has 3 layers of fabric to provide optimal support while keeping it breathable.

    The Inner DRI-FIT layer is the one in contact with your skin, is ultra-soft and wicks moisture.

    Washing the bra is super easy!  
    The Lilu Massage Bra can be washed in a washing machine on a cold cycle or by hand, and lay flat to dry. You just need to remove the Lilu Massage Controller and Massage Cushions from the bra pocket, and when dry put them back in again.

    The Massage cushions and the controller can be cleaned with wet wipes in case they come in contact with milk.

    Is it Wired?

    The bra and massage cushions are all self contained so yes, it is wireless!

    The bra is powered by a small battery inside of the massage controller. which then connects to the massage cushions with small air tubes. This controller sits inside of the bra alongside the massage controllers, so there's no wires that you need to connect to and from the bra while pumping. To charge it you use a regular USB, so the bra only needs to be plugged in while charging.

    FSA & HSA Eligible

    The Lilu Massage Bra is FSA/HSA Eligible, so you can purchase it using your FSA/HSA accounts. You can submit your e-mail receipt for reimbursement or use your FSA/HSA card to purchase from our store, if you have one.

    What's Included

    Massage Cushions mimic massage motions recommended by lactation experts.

    Rechargeable Controller turns the massage on/off and adjusts massage levels. Lasts for 2 hours of pumping.

    Hands-free bra with Pockets holds the massage cushions in place and provides bottle support. Wear it alone or clip it onto your nursing bra.

    USB Charging Cable plugs into the Controller to recharge. Pro tip: you can even charge the controller while pumping.

    BONUS: Carry Pouch holds the Lilu Massage Bra and all its pieces so you can discreetly bring them with you anywhere.

    One Free Virtual Class with a Lactation Consultant and one month free 24/7 lactation support through text messages with the Mahmee® Team.

    Shipping & Return Policy

    FREE shipping and FREE 30 days returns.

    Why Do I Need a Bra in Addition to my Pump?

    Using the Lilu Massage Bra while pumping increases the efficiency of your pump.

    When a baby nurses, they use their tongue, lips, face, and body to suck and compress the breasts to stimulate milk flow. Pumps only use suction, which can make them significantly inefficient in comparison to a baby nursing. This is why lactation experts suggest using breast massage to help stimulate milk flow while pumping.

    The Lilu Massage Bra's massage cushions fill with air to mimic the hand motions recommended by lactation experts, giving you the proven benefits of breast massage without having to use your hands. It is not a vibration device, it compresses different sections of the breast gently making it's way around the breast.

    For any order of the Lilu Massage Bra, we offer 2 shipping options:

    a) Free Standard Shipping in all of continental US which takes 5-10 business days to ship.


    b) Expedited Shipping (at $25) in all of continental US which takes 2-4 business days to ship. 

    If there's a delay, we honor the 30 day return policy based on the day you receive your bra.

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