How to Choose the Best Breast Pump for Your Needs

How to Choose the Best Breast Pump for Your Needs

Being pregnant is an incredibly exciting time. Yet, we know just how busy the weeks and months leading up to your baby’s birth can feel. From car seats and diapers to baby-proofing your home, there’s a lot to do. 

The good news is that you don’t need to buy a breast pump right away—more on that a bit later—but you can get started on narrowing down your options. 

Scroll below for our top recommendations for breast pumps, as well as tips on choosing the right model for your breastfeeding needs. 

Think about how often you plan to use your pump

In the world of breast pumps, there are two main kinds: manual and electric. In cases where you don’t plan to be away from your baby (such as, going back to working from an office), then you might be fine with a simple hand pump. 

However, moms returning to work full time or who will be away from their baby for more than a few hours during the day, an electric pump can be very beneficial in optimizing your time and your milk supply. 

Usually, pumping sessions last between 10-15 minutes a breast. For moms on-the-go or on a serious time crunch, investing in a double-breast pump could be the way to go, as it helps to stimulate milk production and reduces pumping time in half. 

When should I buy my pump?

Some experts suggest waiting until after your baby is born to get your breast pump. This is because you’ll have a better idea of your needs post-birth.

Many insurance policies cover pumps and accessories through specialized breast pump providers . You can go directly through your insurance or a few websites that do it for you, like The Breastfeeding Shop, 1 Natural Way and Aeroflow Breastpumps.

Of course, there is no harm in buying your pump ahead of time; it’s whatever makes you feel most comfortable and stress-free. 

Keep in mind that some insurance providers won’t ship your breast pump until after your baby is born, or at most, a month before your expected delivery date.   

Some pumps look clunky. Are they hard to assemble?

Breast pumps can look intimidating, so let’s break this down. It’s true that some pumps take a bit of getting used to, and that includes assembly. If there are many parts, which can make cleaning a bit frustrating. Remember, any parts of the pump that touch your skin or breastmilk, should be cleaned after use. 

For working moms, or any mom who is looking for a simpler pump set-up, consider buying a more lightweight model. Some come in carrying cases, which can be helpful for transporting from home to the office and back again. Speaking of pumping from work, you might want to look into electric models (if you’re going that route) that are on the quieter side. Some can be pretty noisy! 

Can I use my Lilu Massage Bra with a breast pump?

Yes! We like to think of our Lilu Massage Bra as your breast pump’s BFF. They work really well together. Currently, our bra is compatible with the following pumps: 

Spectra: S1 and S2™

The big difference between these two models is that the S1 has a rechargeable battery, which makes it a little more portable than the S2 model. It really comes down to personal preference.  

**Hands down, we hear consistently from moms who have tried multiple brands that Spectra offers the best pumps. Bonus points because now there are many insurance policies that reimburse Spectra pumps. 

Medela: Pump in Style, Freestyle, Swing, Sonata™

There are a couple different models to try here, depending on your needs. The Medela Freestyle is a double electric, portable pump, making it a great choice for the time-efficient mom. It’s on the noisier side but the battery life is strong. 

**The Freestyle is very portable, but unfortunately we've also heard that it makes for a great second pump only if you have a pretty good milk supply. It’s probably a good idea to first get a Spectra or one of the larger Medela pumps. Then, if you need a second pump, the Freestyle could be a good option. 


If you’re going for quiet, Lansinoh’s Smartpump 2.0 Double Electric Breast Pump is tough to top. You can discreetly pump from wherever is most comfortable and convenient and without having to worry about a loud motor. 


Their Double Electric Breast Pump is lightweight and designed for daily use. There are also suction dials with 32 customizable options. It’s fairly easy to clean, too. 


Avent has lots of models to choose from, both automatic and manual options. Both their automatic and manual models come with a soft massage cushion for added comfort. 

Baby Buddha™

Despite being on the pricier side, this is one pump that many moms prefer. One big selling point is how small the motor is, especially compared to other breast pumps on the market. It also hangs like a lanyard around your neck, making it really easy to move around as needed.

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