Pumping and Going Back to Work? Here's your Starter Kit to Making the Switch

Pumping and Going Back to Work? Here's your Starter Kit to Making the Switch

Jun 22 , 2020


Megan McDonough

For all you working moms out there, we know how challenging it can be to head back to the office after so much quality time at home with your new baby. It definitely takes some getting used to, and there will be good and bad days for sure. 

From freezer bags and nursing pads, here are 6 items and breast pumping accessories to make for a smooth transition back to work.

Get a hands-free pumping bra

For many moms, investing in a hands-free pumping bra is a major game changer. With so much of your daily energy allocated to breastfeeding and pumping, it’s important to conserve when and where you can.

The Lilu Massage Bra cuts down the hours you spend breastfeeding by enabling you to produce more milk every time you pump. It’s the first hands-free pumping bra and comes with a built-in breast massage to help you pump more milk. Now you can use your ‘pumping time’ to answer emails, listen to a podcast, or eat your lunch. 

Plus, the Lilu Massage Bra comes with a carry pouch to make it convenient to throw in your pumping bag. 

Have your antibacterial wipes at the ready

It never hurts to have a pack of antibacterial wipes on hand. These wipes are great for cleaning breast pumps and accessories, as well as countertops and other surfaces. Disinfectant wipes do a great job at removing most harmful bacteria and germs. Plus, they’re portable and take up very little room in your bag.  

Save time cleaning with freezer bags

Another way to keep your pump and accessories clean is with freezer bags. We’ve found that a lot of moms choose to put their pump parts in a freezer bag between sessions. This way, they don’t have to thoroughly wash them at the office. This is especially true for women who don’t have access to a sink at work. That said, we like to think of freezer bags as a last resort; soap and water is always preferable. 

Invest in quality nursing pads 

Nursing pads are a must when you’re heading back to the office. When placed into the Lilu Massage Bra or a regular nursing bra, these pads absorb breast milk from leaking breasts. Studies show that leakages are most common during the first few weeks of breastfeeding, when your milk is first coming through, as well as when you’re returning to work. 

When it comes to nursing pads, you have options. There are five main types, all depending on your personal preference: disposable, reusable, silicone, homemade and hydrogel. For example, if you have sore, cracked nipples, many specialists recommend opting for hydrogel pads. Whichever you choose, we recommend bringing a few to work, because you’ll want to change your nursing pads whenever they get wet.  

Pack a scarf or extra blouse

Toss a scarf of extra blouse into your bag. Messes happen, especially wherever pumping is concerned and it’s always smart to be prepared. Look for something soft, lightweight and breathable, like our Lilu Pumping Cover. It’s made with a silky woven muslin fabric and is 70% cotton, 30% polyester. 

You can wear it as a scarf on chilly days (looking at you, office AC on full blast). Best of all, it gives you an added layer of privacy while pumping or nursing. Oh, and it’s a great coverup for leakages...because, let’s face it, they happen! 

Keep milk insulated with a cooler bag

Pumping is hard work, so you want to insulate your milk as well as possible. Cooler bags are great for this, as they keep breast milk cool and safe and are extremely portable. Using one maximizes breast milk storage, allowing the milk to stay cool for longer periods of time. This means preserving all those important nutrients for your baby. 

Lilu is a Women’s Health company building tech-enabled devices to empower new moms. Our first product, the Lilu Massage Bra, mimics compression massage, so you can empty your breasts fully to establish, increase and maintain your milk supply. Pump up to 50% more milk each session, all while going hands-free.
Lilu Massage Bra with flanges

Lilu Massage Bra

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