Celebrating Working Moms of Color: 9 Stellar Accounts to Follow

Celebrating Working Moms of Color: 9 Stellar Accounts to Follow

Jun 08 , 2020


Megan McDonough

With more than 1 billion people signed up to Instagram and more than 500 million of those users logged in daily, there's a lot of content to sift through. 

That said, we're always on the hunt for creative storytellers who are dedicating to bettering themselves and the world around them. 

We’ve rounded up 9 of our favorite Instagram accounts, all run by WOC (and moms) who are doing great work in their personal and professional lives.  

1. Dionna Chambers (@dionnachambers)

“Breastfeeding has changed my life. It is the most natural thing to me and my son. It brings us both joy and comfort. It gives him nutrition. It gives me balance and sanity. And while some days I don't love breastfeeding, the positives drastically outweigh the negatives.”

We’ve been fans of Dionna for quite some time now (check her out wearing our Lilu Massage Bra) and she’s easily one of our favorite accounts to follow when it comes to breastfeeding and empowerment. She also has a skincare line in the works, so stay tuned for more on that.   

2. Jenné Claiborne (@sweetpotatosoul)

This vegan chef, author, YouTuber, blogger and mom is a real powerhouse. When she’s not playing with this cutie, she’s hard at work crafting new vegan recipes and sharing those with her more than 200K followers. 

In addition to keeping a healthy diet, Jenné is pretty clever when it comes to her outdoor workouts. For example, she often uses her baby’s stroller as a balance for doing squats and other low-impact exercises.

3. Leslie Elizabeth (@butterscotchxqueen)

Leslie Elizabeth is a proud wife, mother and breastfeeding advocate (right there with you 👏) who also shows off her styling skills over at @braidedbyles. 

Her feed is a mix of family portraits and highlights from day-to-day life in Chicago. Head to her Highlights for tips on breastfeeding, vegetarian recipes, hair styles for kids, and more.

4. Sophia Rush (@sopharush) 

One of our favorite lifestyle accounts has to be Sophia Rush. She focuses on motherhood (she’s got two boys) and marriage. Her Highlights range from trips around the world to pregnancy, food, readings and speaking engagements. 

Dallas-based and the founder of @livedeeplyrooted, Sophia is dedicated to building a sisterhood rooted in faith. If you’re religious, that’s a good account to follow, as she posts daily prayers of gratitude and strength. 

5. Morgan White (@expecting_grey)

Grey is the name of Morgan's eldest daughter, hence her Insta handle. We first discovered Morgan on Refinery29, where she talked about the learnings motherhood is bringing. 

“Before my girls, I couldn’t wait for the weekend, or my next vacation, or Summer to roll back around. Now, I enjoy Tuesdays as if they are Saturdays and rainy cold days, like sunny Spring ones.”

6. The Hambricks (@thetravelingchild)

Got the travel bug? I think we all do right now and even though an epic adventure might not be in the cards for you yet, you can still live vicariously through the Hambricks. They’re pros at family travel, couples trips and ‘momcations’ (yes, please)! 

Their photos from the road are inspiring and further proof that while traveling with kids can be tough, it's so worth it. Head to their Highlights for destination suggestions, workouts to take with you on the road and hair tips for kids. 

7. Zoila Darton (zoiladarton)

Zoila was recently featured on @mothermag where she described motherhood like a giant mirror. "Motherhood is like a giant mirror. You can choose to look into it and face the music or the mirror will devour you. I’m looking into it daily and love what I see. I know I do my best, just like my mom did.

She’s raising a baby boy and is up for the challenge. "The world needs more empathetic and emotionally intelligent men. I am excited by the opportunity to guide my son in this way. I’m excited to raise a man who will understand what equality means because he will see it in his home."

8. Adanna Dill (@rattlesandheels)

Adanna is an award-winning content creator and mom encourager and we can’t get enough of her wisdom and down-to-earth warmth. She’s based in New York and often features the city in her feed and on Stories. 

Her blog, Rattles and Heels, is a really great source for education, which is more important than ever. Her recent article on how to practice self-preservation as a black woman in America is a must-read in our opinion. 

9. Angel Laketa Moore (@thatchickangel)

We discovered Angel’s Instagram account last year and subsequently, her podcast.  Mommy Confessions is a podcast all about motherhood, womanhood and sometimes fatherhood, through the lens of comedy. Every week she invites a different mommy guest to make candid confessions and honestly, it’s the lunch (and laugh) break we all need right now. 

It’s impressive how she juggles family, work and still manages to put a smile on everyone’s face. Here she is using our Lilu Massage Bra

For this month Lilu is supporting a national organization that has been working for over a decade to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mom and we’ll donate 10% of proceeds to Every Mother Counts (@everymomcounts) We stand with Black moms and dads.

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