How To Recharge You Lilu Massage Bra

Here is a simple step by step guide on how to recharge you Lilu Massage Bra:

Step 1: The Lilu controller’s on/off button will Blink Red when it needs recharging.

Step 2: Plug your Lilu USB Cable into the controller. The Lilu Bra can be charged using a typical USB plug adapter plug (like a phone charger) with a 5V 1A output. Please do not use unsupported adapters that do not have the above mentioned ratings. (You can even charge it while pumping with it)

Step 3: Once plugged in, the On/Off button will glow Orange when the controller is charging and glow Green when it is fully charged.

How To Adjust The Massage Cushions' Cup Size

Here is a simple step by step guide on how to change the cup size of the Lilu Massage Cushions:

Step 1: Locate the fasteners that hold the end of the Massage Cushions together.

Step 2: Unsnap the fastener so you can re-snap to a new location

Step 3: Bring the fasterener closer in for a bigger cup and furthest for a smaller one.

How To Remove The Massage Cushions

Step 1: Lay the bra flat and undo the two snaps at the top of the bra, on either side of the controller.

Step 2: Gently tug one massage cushion out of the bra.

Step 3: Pull the other massage cushion out of the bra as well. The controller should also drive out easily.

How To Put The Massage Cushions In The Bra

Step 1: Ensure that the Massage Cushions are facing the right way up. The buttons on the controller should face upward so that they are visible from the top of the bra once the controller is put in.

Step 2: The Controller vents and the nozzles on the Massage Cushions face the outward direction I.e, the same way as the front of the bra.

Step 3: Open the side zippers on the bra and unsnap the buttons of the bra pocket.

Step 4: Slide the Controller inside the controller pocket to keep it in place. (The ‘L’ button of the Controller should be on the left side when you’re wearing the bra)

Step 5: Slide in the first Massage Cushion in. Adjust it’s placement inside the bra through the side zipper.

Step 6: Close the zipper for the side you just did and repeat the same for the other Massage Cushion.

Step 7: Close the two snaps at the top of the bra.