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This massager works with most pumps to gently and effectively empty your breasts while producing 50% more milk. The hands-free design allows moms to get more done while pumping.

  • Lilu Massager + Bra

    Lilu Massager + Bra

    Lilu Massager + Bra

    This massager compresses both breasts gently and effectively, so you can empty your breasts more fully and relax while pumping.
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    5 lactation supplements from Majka with your bra purchase
    This Bundle Includes: 1 Lactation Booster servings, 1 Original Lactation Bite serving, 1 Chocolate Lactation Bite serving and 2 Lactation Overnight Oats servings 🍪 Valid for purchases through May 31 or while supplies last.

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