The Lilu bra is designed to boost breast pumping sessions. By mimicking massage techniques recommended by lactation experts, the bra provides breast massage while pumping. Pumo more milk, hands-free, and in less time.

You will receive:

1. The first truly hands-free pumping bra with automated compression

2. A rechargeable Lilu controller used to adjust compression

3. A charging micro-USB cable

Please note:

1. Product currently available for delivery only within continental US. A flat shipping fee of $10 will be assessed on all orders.

2. Taxes may be applicable to your purchase

3. Fully refundable before shipment and within 30 days of shipment date

4. 12 month warranty on all parts

5. Earliest shipping date: September 2018

We are committed to taking extra care of our early backers and will provide regular manufacturing and production updates until shipment. For refunds, or if you wish to contact us at any time for further information, please reach out to