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Pump More Milk,


Lilu, the first pumping bra with automated compression.


PUMP MORE MILK up to 50% more than with a suction pump alone

SAVE TIME getting the breast milk you need, faster

MULTI-TASK while pumping. Check your phone, emails, or simply relax


COMPATIBLE with the typical breast pumps on the market

ADJUSTABLE for the best and most comfortable fit

EASY TO WEAR. You can simply clip it onto your nursing bra



Pumping? Then you need a pumping bra.
Here's why:


More milk, every session

Using breast compression while pumping helps you get more milk per session. Research from the Stanford Children's Hospital has shown that in addition of getting more milk per pumping session, breast compression also helps you increase and maintain your milk supply in the long term!

More nutrient-rich milk

Many mothers already use compression to increase their milk supply and to speed up their pumping sessions. But did you know that it can help you get more nutritious milk too? Compression helps you bring forward "hindmilk", a thicker milk packed with nutrient and beneficial fats that's deeper back in the breast.

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Hands-free pumping

Pumping is a big time commitment. Using your hands for breast massage to supplement your pump is even more tiresome. With Lilu's pumping bra, you get all the benefits of breast massage hands-free and hassle-free: it compresses and massages your breasts so you don't have to. Lilu's pumping bra complements your breast pump, so you can relax, catch up on emails, news and more. It is also compatible with most popular breast pumps on the market.




The first pumping bra of its kind



  • Pumps just provide suction... Compression will bring the milk that is back farther out into the front.
    — Georgette Bartell, IBCLC
  • A product that would make pumping truly hands free ... would be a game changer
    — Katie O - mother of 1
  • Compression and breast massage are the most effective way of getting a large volume of milk out of the breast in a shorter period of time
    — Dr. Ari Brooks
  • If you’re truly pumping hands free... you’ll be more relaxed... and a more relaxed mama releases more milk, so it’s a win-win for everyone!
    — A Child Grows in Philly


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