Our Story

We believe that moms deserve a better pumping experience, and that no one should suffer for having more than one life purpose. So we're creating the next generation of mom-tech products to help mothers pump, track and manage their breast milk supply.


How it all started

In 2014, CEO Adriana saw a coworker in complete distress when she learned not only her breast milk had been thrown out of the company fridge, but someone had thrown her pump out, too.

That memory stuck with Adriana as she left for graduate school at UPenn. She couldn't believe how little innovation there was even though millions of moms were struggling every year.

When she met Sujay in a robotics class and told him all this, they sent a survey out to a handful of moms asking about breast pumping experience in hopes of finding a pain point they could fix. The next morning they had over 500 responses.



Why the Lilu Massage Bra

There are a lot of hands-free bras out there, but many moms need the aid of breast massage in order to get the most milk output. Over time, some moms even develop "mommy thumb" which is a repetitive motion strain on the hands. Voila! Create a hands-free bra that takes care of the massage for you.
The Lilu Massage Bra, was conceived after hundreds of hours of research and interviews. And this is just the beginning...


Our Team

Adriana C Vázquez Ortiz 

CEO & Co-founder

Adriana graduated from MIT where she received a B.S. in Mathematics with Computer Science. She later pursued a Masters in Integrated Product Design at the University of Pennsylvania.

She loves running, attempting to snowboard, has been a pescatarian for over a decade, kind of speaks four languages and prefers carrot cake over chocolate cake.


Sujay Suresh Kumar

CTO & Co-founder

Sujay received his Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Osmania University, India, after which he co-founded Jyothi, to work towards securing better rights and safety for women in the city. He did his Masters in Electrical Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania.

He loves to sketch and enjoys playing with electronics to build new things!



Eliza Gerland

Head of Marketing

Eliza graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in English and went on to receive her M.B.A. at the University of San Francisco. Since then, she’s been helping grow consumer brands in the apparel industry.

She loves traveling, overanalyzing movies, cuddles with her corgi, and dreams of owning a VW Bus.


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