+ Is Lilu a pump? How is it different?

Lilu is not a pump. Lilu enhances your pump by providing breast massage and compression while you pump, which helps you express more milk. There are multiple studies that show the benefits of breast massage. Studies have shown that moms who use their hands to massage their breasts while pumping can pump up to 50% more milk than with a breast pump alone. Lilu is the first pumping bra that offers hands-free, automated breast massage, enhancing your pump and boosting your pumping session.

+ Why do I need a pumping bra, in addition to my pump?

According to the Journal of Human Lactation, 62% of mothers say that they are unsatisfied with the way their pump works. The top 3 problems contributing to this are discomfort and pain from pumping, insufficient milk extraction, as well as slower milk extraction than when breastfeeding. From a survey of over 500 mothers who pump, 2 out of 3 moms already massage their breasts while pumping, in order to produce sufficient milk. Lilu mimics the hand compression recommended by lactation consultants, providing mothers with an efficient, automated alternative. This enables mothers to use their pump successfully, extracting up to 50% more milk each session, in a shorter period of time, and without needing to use their hands.

+ How does massage and compression help?

Studies have shown that pumping aided by hand compression can increase milk output by up to 50% per session, increasing milk supply in the long term as well. Research suggests that using breast massage yields milk that is also richer in fats. You can read some of the scientific studies that look at the effects of combining breast pumping with manual breast compression here: Compression studies.

+ How does the bra massage a woman’s breasts?

The bra provides gentle yet effective massage around the breast. The massage and compression motions are done by little inflatable pockets that inflate and deflate to gently stimulate milk flow from further back in the breast, towards the front. The inflatable pockets are made of BPA-free plastic and the only piece that comes in touch with your skin is the fabric lining of the bra.

+ If I order the bra now, when will it arrive?

You can choose between three delivery dates. Since you are pre-ordering the bra, the earliest delivery date you can choose from is March 30th 2018, followed by May 30th 2018 and September 30th 2018.

+ I do not live in the US. Can I still order the bra?

Unfortunately, we currently only deliver in the US. However, if you can’t send it to someone who lives in the US, you can send us an email to orders@wearlilu.com and we can try to arrange shipping for you!

+ Which pumps is it compatible with?

The Lilu bra is compatible with standard breast pumps (Hygeia, Medela, Ameda, Avent, Spectra). If you are not sure whether your pump can work with the Lilu bra, send us an email at orders@wearlilu.com.

+ Is the bra refundable?

The bra is fully refundable up to and until 30 days after it has been shipped to you.

+ How long does the battery life last?

The battery life lasts for 2 days, which corresponds to 4 hours of use. To charge the bra, plug the USB cable in the Lilu controller. This can even be done while using it!

+ Can I wash it?

Yes. The Lilu bra can be washed both by hand and in a washing machine. Before washing the bra, remember to remove the Lilu controller and compression cups from the center pocket. We also recommend that you remove the elastic straps.

+ What is it made out of?

The bra is made out of sprinkles, chocolate and ice-cream! Well, not quite, but it's made with lots of love, and a mixture of elastane and polyester, similar to many other nursing bras.

+ More questions?

Please reach out to us at orders@wearlilu.com!